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Pug Patrol Rescue Australia (PPRA) is a not-for-profit rescue organisation run by dedicated and passionate volunteers. We are an approved registered charity with the Australian Government (ABN – 42 453 596 973).

PPRA will take any pug into our care regardless of age and or condition. We undertake all the veterinary work necessary to ensure our rescues are happy, pain free and most of all regain the quality of life they deserve.

Most of our rescues, even surrenders will require much more medical care than what their adoption fee will cover, so donations are critical to keep our rescue operating. Every donation no matter how big or small means that we can pay our vet bills or create space for another pug to be rescued. Without your generosity, we could not rescue pugs or give them the care they deserve. All donations of $2 and over are tax deductible.

You can either set up a re-occurring donation or make a one-off donation via PayPal:

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When Rocky came into our care,  he had a severe skin condition called ‘Mange’.  If left untreated, mange can develop into secondary issues such as serious skin infections that could possibly result in death, as well as behavioural issues.  Rocky required extensive veterinary attention to treat the initial condition and now requires ongoing management of the condition to ensure it is contained.

Rocky |

Alternatively, you can make a direct deposit into one of the following bank accounts:


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