Need to Surrender a Pug?

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Pug Patrol Rescue Australia (PPRA) understand that the decision to surrender your pug is a difficult one and we aim to make it as simple and straight forward as we can. Our experienced team will assist you in the process of surrendering your pet and provide the guidance and support required to make this as seamless as possible for you.

Information that you provide will remain confidential and your details are not viewed out of context or passed on in any way. Once your pug is in foster care, we will undertake any required veterinary work and begin to get to know them. We will then endeavour to find the best possible home through the applications we receive.

PPRA will take any pug regardless of its history, age or medical requirements. We also take any other brachycephalic breeds such as Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs and Pekingese.

PPRA also offer an ‘assisted rehoming’ option if you would prefer to rehome yourself with limited intervention from us. This would allow you to utilise our social media platforms and leverage the audience to reach out to our rescue community. We would include photos and a blurb about your pug and all applications would be sent to you directly for shortlisting and you would be responsible for selecting the most suitable for your pug.  We will guide throughout the process.

Please note, if you would like PPRA to handle the applications and facilitate the rehoming, then we require you to surrender your pug to us beforehand as outlined above.

For further information regarding surrendering, assisted rehoming or should you wish to surrender a pug or any other brachycephalic breed, please contact or send an SMS to one of the following numbers relevant to your state:

NSW/ACT: Jenny 0478 641 535,  SA: Ange 0409 513 481, SE QLD: Milka 0422 480 521

Alternatively, or if your state is not listed you can contact us via email:

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